Dear CVS…

Dear CVS,

Thank you for making infertility even more difficult.  Thank you for providing infertility drugs at double (and sometimes even triple) the cost of a normal specialty pharmacy.  Thank you for not even providing enough coverage to get through ONE ROUND of IVF before blowing through the prescription coverage max for infertility (Which is $10k BTW).  Thank you for trying to get me to use an experimental drug (that has a lower success rate in its drug trials) instead of low-dose HCG because you would rather that I end up having to do 2 round of IVF then have to pay the fee for the correct medication.  …ESPECIALLY when I would have had to out-of-pocket ALL of my medication costs on the second round.

Thank you for making me out of pocket $500 just to get the correct medication (low dose HCG and HCG trigger) because I did actually end up with a low success rate (which would have probably been even lower with the other medication) due to the personal difficulties of my infertility and trauma my body is dealing with (Endo and low ovarian reserve).

I speak for women everywhere who are dealing with infertility.  Thank you for making infertility that much more difficult to cope with by not properly regulating your prices and gouging people for their hard earned money on an already heartbreaking and expensive procedure.  Just THANK YOU!

You have made the experience that much more unenjoyable, and when I can switch insurance at my company’s annual enrollment you can expect to lose a customer.  I will tell this story far and wide (the internet being the conduit it is) to make sure people know about your less then honorable intentions.

Thankfully, because I am out of pocket, I can use a self-pay pharmacy that charges the correct rates, which you quoted me again, at triple.

I suppose you are taking a page from Martin Shkreli, or maybe he’s even your CEO.  I guess we will all learn from this experience when you lose not only your customers, but your profits.



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