The Tale of the Killer Hotdogs

I came across an majorly unscientific article about “Killer hot dogs!”
The premise was that hot dogs cause childhood leukemia.

What a load of garbage. Propaganda designed for the weak minded to start some new “clean eating” trend.

I should state that I do buy into organic eating, however I also believe our world is far too toxic to eat exclusively organic. You need a certain amount of toxins in you so you don’t walk around perpetually sick.
I should amend the aforementioned statement to say: I prescribe to the mentality of “some organic is better then no organic.” Which mostly means I don’t go out of my way to do it. I’m not shopping at whole foods (because F that place is expensive!!! AND most of the customers seem perpetually irritated or perhaps inflated with their own self-importance…) blah blah. I shop at the normal local stores and buy organic produce/items whenever possible.

So… Whenever some celebrity is tooting their organic diet in pregnancy I can’t help but wonder how deathly ill their children will be when they are exposed to our toxic environment outside of the womb. You can’t protect them forever because as some point breast milk needs to turn into solids. And solids become a matter of urgency when feeding screaming/hungry children. Most working adults don’t have the time or energy to slice up the organic celery every night… But assuming you have the time, its even more difficult when they see their friends are eating different things… Especially when their playmates are going to inevitably eat some pink-slime treated hamburger that comes with a tantalizing toy. How do you say “no” to that?

I would wager that it just so happens that children are more likely to eat hot dogs then the average adult. Seems like a fair statement right?
I would also venture to say that when they pulled the data for their little statistic it just so happened to be in the pull. Not that hotdogs cause leukemia, but that children with leukemia are eating hot dogs with the same frequency as children without leukemia (which is a lot across the board).

So I felt punchy and made this comment to the weird article. Thankfully several learned minds also agreed with the data and the correlation on hot dogs/leukemia.

…But one crazy lady just flat out replied “HOT DOGS ARE DEADLY!”

Making a blanket statement like “hot dogs are deadly” proves a certain lack of critical thinking.
Of course a hot dog is deadly if you jammed it down someone’s throat and purposely choked them with it… I think you could probably find 100 creative ways to kill someone with a hot dog if you really wanted to.
…But eating a hot dog occasionally does not guarantee certain death. (Or leukemia).

I would like to think I’m an expert on this matter because for a solid year as a child I exclusively ate hot dogs. This is true. All I ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner were hotdogs. That’s not even a joke. I 100% did that. So how am I still alive?
I wouldn’t place money on the fact that I have some mutant gene that causes me to be immune to the “deadliness” of hot dogs. I had consumed 1,095 hot dogs that year. The next year I wouldn’t eat anything but Bologna. … So Unless you truly believe I’m some processed meat monster, by crazy article logic I should be dead.

The point remains: You just can’t believe everything you read on the Internet without a little research. There are people who will tell you that abscess teeth can be treated with coconut oil… Which in truth, if untreated, is most certain “death” when the infection hits your blood stream and circulates all over your body. Might as well go to a dentist and avoid the hospital. I don’t think it wise to claim to know more then a doctor. And I’m not claiming to either.
You can believe what you want, but don’t go about throwing hogwash at people and get mad when they push back.

My point is: Control your blanket statements, and do a bit of research from nonbiased parties. It wouldn’t hurt you to be a little more well rounded.

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