To Shave? Or Not To Shave?

To shave or not to shave?

The untold story of infertility… 

I have super sensitive skin and I’m a fan of completely no hair around my vulva. (Preference is preference.) 

Ultimately the sensitive skin presents challenges. It seems that no matter what I do I end up with razor burn 2-3 days after… And I’ve tried everything. Literally everything to avoid this… (Including hemorrhoid witch hazel wipes, which are the best bet). 

Anyways… Razor burn is just about as attractive as having a full bush in the bedroom. Plus, I feel weird in both cases. 

So in a completely normal space of time I go completely bare and then let it grow out ever so slightly (rinse repeat).  

However, when your told NOT TO HAVS SEX AT ALL during IVF your less inclined to shave until it becomes a necessity. 
Though I don’t enjoy feeling like a wolverine… It’s just with everything going on you sometimes feel like “fuck it…” There is nothing sexy about IVF. 

And when you have to follow the insane sensitive skin routine I do, far less inclined to give a shit about it. 
So I try to walk the line between “OMG” and “Yey!”

This week was a little too “much” for me, I’ll admit, but hey, it was just the ultrasound.  

Knowing my FET is next week I decided to postpone until Saturday so it had a little time to spazz out with the burn and a small amount of hair to grow back by transfer time 
I may be partial but I think I have a relatively attractive vulva/vagina… As far as vulva/vagina’s go. As a general rule I think reproductive organs are pretty ugly… Useful. But ugly. I also know I’m all around “small” and they have to go out of their way to find a small speculum for me… Which is funny because one day during my mock transfer they had to use the large speculum for one woman, and the small one for me within the space of a few hours. My point there is, I don’t like to look like I don’t maintain my vulva… Although I’m sure the doctors and nurses have seen EVERYTHING ALL DAY EVERY DAY! LoL

I guess it’s vanity that compels me. 
Anyways… I shaved yesterday, giving my body some healing time before my actual doctor is shoving a catheter into my cervix and hopefully inserting my “human seed.” 
I doubt I’m the only Shakespearean “To shave or not to shave…” out there. We talk about everything else… Not so much hair. What’s your routine with the docs visits?

Just a GENERAL FYI- I am perfectly comfortable with my body. It is a personal preference of mine to shave. It’s not due to society, I am an non-conforming gendered female. I am simply more comfortable without hair. Please don’t try to degrade me for your decisions or ASSUME I am uncomfortable with my body because I like it to look a certain way. Don’t try to push any “agenda” on me. You like it one way, I like it another. Let’s leave it at that, shall we?

3 thoughts on “To Shave? Or Not To Shave?

  1. ohjustrelax says:

    HAH. Before my egg retrieval I spent way more time than I’d care to admit trying to figure out the perfect amount of hair to present them with. I didn’t want to look like wild bush woman, but I also didn’t want to look like I had groomed myself just for the (lady) doctor. My husband refused to join in on my musings and said I was insane for worrying about it. *shrug*


  2. matteblacknailpolish says:

    I knew I wasn’t the only one! LoL
    I spend a lot of time worrying about the strangest stuff. Even socks… Normally I can’t match a pair of socks but when I’m going to have my legs up in the lovely stirrups, I make a point of wearing matching socks. The other day out of desperation I had to wear “Monster high” socks… At least they matched.


  3. Megan Good says:

    Annnd this is why I love you, Courtney! I am a fan of the shave for the same reasons as you – not because of what someone else expects or wants me to look like, but because it just makes me feel better, cleaner, if you will. I have found that shaving every day (before any stubble really has the chance to reappear) towards the end of a shower helps to avoid razor burn, but my skin had to adjust to that routine. Now, if I deviate from it, that’s when I tend to have skin issues.

    On the “cleaning up” for the doctor subject, I remember one time I had skipped several days shaving my legs due to a very bad sunburn, and I started having some bladder pain and had to have an impromptu pelvic exam…I was mortified at my hairy leg situation and must have said three times to my doctor and her nurse, it’s the sunburn…the SUNBURN!!! hahaha…I remember being SO embarrassed, but I’m sure to the nurses, if the worst thing they see in a day is some hairy lady legs, they’re doing alright. 🙂

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