At what point do you get used to progesterone injections? 

My docs want me to do it for 12 weeks… (Not including this preparatory stage.)  I did them before for 4 weeks with my fresh transfer, but I guess the mind is truly a miraculous thing when it comes to pain, because I seem to have forgotten how dreadful these things were. 

It’s impressive because my tolerance for pain is ridiculously high. I was living with incredible pain from my endo but it had become so common place I learned to “deal.” So when my doctor went in for the endo surgery she was shocked to find stage 4 severe. She said to my husband right after my 4 hour surgery “I don’t know how she was living with this much pain.” 

So the fact that these injections hurt this much means they are absolutely 100% dreadful. I know women say they’ve been brought to tears by them, and I’m not there, but they hurt all day. That isn’t even an exaggeration. 

Even when I stopped the injections after my chemical loss, with the fresh transfer, I had lumps in my butt for well over a month. The discomfort seemed unending!!!! 

Now that I’m back at square one with these, I can see what people push for the suppositories… But they don’t want me to use them until at least 9 weeks. So why not just go for broke? 

But SWEET MERCIFUL LORD!!! There has to be a better way!

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