Where to Begin?

Where to begin?  Where to begin?

Life has been a little crazy for me lately.  I’ve decided to start spilling my guts again on a blog, although I buried my last one a long long time ago.  A lot happened back then, and I was really a child when I started it.  Although it still exists as a memorial of my youth, I prefer to visit it with the frequency that I enjoy using suppositories, which is not at all.  And yes, suppositories are a necessity of life in certain situations (hemorrhoids) but I still avoid them like the plague.  Nothing quite like the shame that seems to follow voluntarily electing to push something into your rectum.  No matter how necessary that may be.

I am sorry.  My humor is often graphic and slightly morbid.  If you don’t like it we can’t really be friends.  Sorry.  I can’t seem to control that filter.  (Or maybe its just more fun to watch people squirm?)

In any event, I’m a bit of a nerd.  I love comics, horror movies, lobsters (not for eating, but because I find them adorable), and cats.  I also love my husband, who above all, loves me for the weirdo that I am.  Hopefully you all will find that kind of love and acceptance someday.  But not mine.  Can’t have mine.

So that’s the beginning.  Let’s see where it goes from here.  I’m sure tomorrow will be a bit heavier.  Oh Joy!