IVF – Dream Orgasms

This is a thing. Totally a thing that happens with IVF transfers.

My last transfer (fresh) they handed me a paper with instructions, one of which was specifically “NO ORGASMS!” 

(Yes, all caps.)  

At the time I was thinking “NO PROBLEM…” I was still tender from my surgery the month before and the egg retrieval. (Not to mention my ovaries were still gigantic and squishing against my uterus with all their might!). I was not super in the mood for sex… Or so I thought.

Little did I know my body had different plans when I woke up the next morning in the throws of pleasure from my dream. Good job Brain!!!! I instantly freaked about it… But after a bit of research I found out other women have had this happen too. 

I ended up with a chemical loss 2 weeks later, but not because of the orgasm. (Suspected chromosomal abnormalities with how the rest of my PGS testing turned out on the remaining embryos.)

Fast forward: Yesterday we had the Frozen Embryo Transfer of a normal chromosomal embryo and wonder of wonders, last night I woke up yet again, with an orgasm. …And a really good one too….

Luckily, yesterday I specifically asked the nurse and doctor about it. Surprise surprise they actually removed the “NO ORGASMS” script from my instructions altogether, just told me not to put anything in my vagina… And soothed my worries about the dream orgasm situation. Not to worry.

This morning, after the impromptu orgasm, despite the reassurance of my doctor… I did some more online research of other women doing IVF and apparently it’s pretty common with transfers. Maybe it has something to do with the cervix being opened? Or maybe it’s just the progesterone injections? Or perhaps the body just recognized the embryo inside and it’s saying “Hey! I’m pregnant but I didn’t get to enjoy this one!!! Well screw you! Gonna do it anyway!” (They may be helping things along…)

Who knows? What I do know is it’s common. A little weird, but common.

There is literally nothing you can do. My libido was high during STIM, but “shut down” after ER… And then not so much during the Lurpon protocol. However, I suspected this could be a problem again and tried to “tire myself out” in the weeks leading up. Especially if I was on a strict “no orgasms” policy again. Well, that clearly worked. Not regretting it, just saying you can’t win this war. Your brain and body are going to do whatever they want. 

My words of wisdom: Don’t freak out if this happens to you.

3 thoughts on “IVF – Dream Orgasms

    • matteblacknailpolish says:

      It is definitely a weird experience. It’s not a full blown orgasm, pretty mild, but it’s definitely pretty good.
      It’s still unsettling… And I’m afraid it will dislodge the embryo if it’s implanted, but I don’t imagine I’m having “contractions” enough for that… It’s just insanity making me think that. It’s like how I search the toilet continuously thinking I will be able to see it if it drops out when I pee. (Which is equivocally crazy.)

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